The Tales of Yoga
Retreat in Cirali (Turkey)
with Anna Guryeva

october 13-20, 2024.
Cirali, Turkey
The Place

The retreat will take place in Cirali - 85 km from Antalya.

This place is of extraordinary beauty on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

Because of the sea and mountains, Cirali boasts a lush nature.

The village is immersed in the greenery of orange and pomegranate trees, tall pines, cedars, figs, and laurels. Pine trees fill the air with a coniferous aroma. Walking here is a true pleasure!

You'll be immersed in an intensive, transforming practice of yoga and Buddhism and a magnificent rest. We will explore both external and internal landscapes, expand our perception of the world, and enjoy the sea, delicious food, and pleasant company!

We will be hosted by the "Ali Baba" center.

It is a homely guesthouse with a large yoga hall, comfortable wooden cottages, and plentiful breakfasts. The hosts have a yacht for sea excursions.

The price includes a delicious BREAKFAST

made from local products: hand-pressed olive oil, amazing cheeses, fruits, and vegetables, filled with prana.

What to do besides yoga
Visit the picturesque ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. This city belonged to the ancient people—the Lycians, who lived in the 2nd-1st millennium BC.

Climb the "fiery" mountain Chimera. According to one legend, the fire on the mountain appeared as a result of the Lycian hero's pursuit of the three-headed fire-breathing monster Chimera.
Wander around the local market, hunting for fresh fig jam, goat cheese, divine olives, herbs, and fresh honey.
Go on a yacht ride (cost — 400 lira (~10€) per person). This is a pleasant sea voyage for the whole day.
Go hiking on the Lycian Way. The trek is quite long — 540 km, but you can walk any section as you wish. The trail offers amazing views of the bays.


Advance payment for booking a place - 100 €.

The booking can be canceled 15 days before the tour.

The rest of the amount can be paid 7 days before arrival.

Anna Guryeva


An authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and practicing Buddhist.
Founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Shala SPb.
Author of the book "Space and Bliss. Yoga and Buddhism for Life in the Modern World".
A regular assistant to Ty Landrum at his monthly retreats.
Anna has been leading tours around the world for 15 years.
Currently, Anna lives in Berlin.

Anna Guryeva


An authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and practicing Buddhist.
Founder of the Ashtanga Yoga Shala SPb.
Author of the book "Space and Bliss. Yoga and Buddhism for Life in the Modern World".
A regular assistant to Ty Landrum at his monthly retreats.
Anna has been leading tours around the world for 15 years.
Currently, Anna lives in Berlin.

Yoga is an excellent way to explore the miracle of embodied being.

Our practice will revolve around a sweet sequence of breath and movement, which opens the inner space of the body and awakens dormant streams of consciousness. This stream, flowing unhindered through the body, releases thoughts, emotions, and memories. Their reflections spark in the field of attention and disappear into the void. Through this process, we integrate the shadows of previous experiences and fill life with greater openness, joy, and compassion.

This retreat is dedicated to exploring our bodies and minds through the practice of asana, reflections on the nature of the mind, and powerful Mahayana Buddhism meditations focused on developing loving-kindness.
We will see how through the integration of different movements at the level of the body, prana, and mind, our inner chaos calms down, and the seer rests in her true nature.

We will unite the work with the body and mind in the context of the human's original aspiration towards unity and joy.
Ashtanga Yoga
in the format of a Mysore class
The Mysore class is a unique teaching method that exists only in the Ashtanga yoga tradition. Unlike conventional yoga classes, where everyone performs the same exercises regardless of their health status and level of preparation, in a Mysore class, the teacher works with each individual, helping to adjust asanas, deal with difficult moments, and avoid mistakes. Participants perform their practice, which the teacher builds depending on the individual's condition and goals.

IFor those who come for the first time, the teacher will explain all the key points and teach the basic poses.
Asana alignment: internal forms
In this workshop, we will explore simple yet profound techniques that invigorate the practice of yoga - tracking the inner flows of breath, balancing subtle patterns of sensation, moving from the inside out, and attempting to create conditions for the spontaneous "unfolding" of mental knots.
Here, traditional asana practice will intertwine with the exploration of body biomechanics, subtle alignment, pranayama, and philosophy.
Suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
Bedtime Stories
These are classes of practical philosophy where we consider the path to freedom in the context of the everyday life of the modern person.
Anna offers a lively and practical perspective and methods based on the traditions of yoga, Buddhism, and Indian tantra, combined with the texts and myths of these schools, as well as with the ideas and views of Western philosophers.

These meetings always take place in a format of conversation and exploration. The main task is to create conditions for a deeper penetration into the essence of things, which is always individual and cannot be reduced to one "correct" theory or practice.
In the chanting classes, we will discuss the nature of sound and the place of mantra meditation in the practice of yoga, the inner meanings of familiar mantras, and experiment with chanting excerpts from the "Yoga Sutras" and "Bhagavad Gita".

Using mantra as a conduit to the space of silence, we will touch upon what lies much deeper than the habitual layers of the everyday mind.
Buddhist Meditation
The view and practice of Mahayana Buddhism are incredibly effective for recognizing the nature of the mind and living in harmony with the heart. Key methods, such as shamata and bodhicitta, form the foundation of the teachings and are accessible to anyone.

At the retreat, we will try these methods and look for ways to embody them in the fabric of everyday life. We will focus on practices for developing loving-kindness and study one of the key texts - Shantideva's "The Way of the Bodhisattva".
  • 7:10 - Buddhist meditation
    7:30-9:30 — Mysore class
    15:00-17:00 — Asana alignment / Practical Philosophy
    18:00 — Chanting and Bedtime stories
Rules of the retreat

During the sessions, the use of phones is not allowed. Taking photos is only permitted by the photographer.

We do not talk between Mysore and Pranayama, as well as during the break at the evening session.

We do not use phones during meal times.

Participants are highly recommended to switch off their phones one hour before bedtime and to record their dreams upon waking up.
The cost of the retreat
Includes breakfasts. All rooms have a shower.
Double room - $200
Triple room - $160
Single room - $315

Payment for accommodation - in CASH in USD / EURO upon arrival.

$270 /€250
Payment can be made by bank transfer to the card / in cash.
from Antalya airport
1-4 people — $60 per car
4-7 people — $75 per car

Advance payment for booking - 100 euros.

The reservation can be canceled up to 15 days before the tour.

The remaining amount can be paid on-site.

A public Telegram channel where you can discuss the trip.
  • 1
    Elsa, Cyprus
    Anna is an incredibly grounded and compassionate teacher. Her verbal and hands-on assists are always clear and helpful. She takes the time to observe her student’s physical and energetic patterns, always looking to offer creative support, rather than aiming to correct or impose a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • 2
    Alex, Austria
    As I was extremily lucky to meet Anna as a teacher on my first Yoga retreat ever I am so greatful and aware of how deeply and from heart she is sharing her knowledge.
    She has this incredible gift how she touches to support my practice (still letting me do the work) and so much experience with stiff bodys (or stiff minds) like mine.
    I remember Anna approaching me one day in one of the asymmetrical forward folds with her kind way touching my "belly buttons" with the calm words " folding to the infinite" and I could release some tension and follow my breath. I had moments like this as well in deep twists and my backbends changed a lot since Anna explained me how to breath and keep lenght and strenght in backward bends.
    And she always finds time for answering questions if I am contemplating about something. So deeply greatful that our paths have crossed and looking so much forward to the next possibility to learn from Anna!
  • 3
    I had the good fortune of being supported by Anna in my practice during a few retreats with Ty Landrum. Anna assistance in Asana is intelligent, it supports you to get deeper into the posture with compassion and humour. I always felt very safe in her hands. Anna is a fantastic teacher with passion and insight in how to explore Ashtanga. I hope to have more opportunities to practice with her!
Let's embark on the journey of self-discovery together.
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